Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sole Trader: Am I availing of all the business expenses that I am entitled to claim?
  • Companies: When do I need to file the Annual Return and the Corporation Tax Return?
  • Rental Property: I have rental income, do I have to file a tax return?
  • PAYE taxpayer: Am I claiming all the allowances that I am entitled to?
  • Estate Planning: How can I ensure that I pass on my assets in as most tax efficient method as possible?
  • Retired: Can we leave our house to our child and avoid paying tax?
  • Property Sale: I sold my property. What are the tax implications? Can I utilise any previous property loss?
  • Business Owner: Can I get advice on future tax planning?
  • Business Loss: If I make a loss, can I set this off against my other income?
  • New businesses: Which is more tax effective, to set up my new business as a sole trader or form a company?
  • Retirement planning: What are the tax reliefs available on pension contributions? What are the tax implications on drawing down my pension?
  • Executor of Will: What are my responsibilities to Beneficiaries. What do I need to do to apply for Probate? What tax liabilities are due? When are Returns due to be filed and paid?
  • Farm Succession planning: How can I pass on the family farm business to my children in a tax efficient manner?
  • PRSI and retirement: Do I have enough PRSI credits to avail of the full State pension on retirement.

If you need advice in relation to any of the above questions or if you have a general tax query, give us a call in our Headford, Galway office at 093-36494 or 087-9708541 and we will be in a position to assist

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